Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New beginnings

Now that my Journalism 258 class is over, i need to find something to do with my blog. I don't want it to be wasted space. I want it to be meaningful (if at all) or atleast something i would want to keep up with. I have no idea what i want to do yet, but i'll figure it out soon. But at any rate. I'm on Twitter, so if anything, FOLLOW ME SabrinaL. i might change it soon. woot!! i wonder what i'm going to change it to.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Senator Theater Continues Classic Screenings . . .

I found this story on the Baltimore Sun website yesterday about the Senator movie theater on York Road. In short this story focuses on the screenings of classic movies before the Senator is to be auctioned off on April 20th. The movie shown over the weekend was "a rarely seen animated favorite of Baltimore's own Barry Levinson and one of the liveliest, most inventive concert films of the rock era." The movie stars Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.

"It's just absolutely charming and beautifully done," says Senator owner Tom Kiefaber, who continues to mark the coming end of his family's 70-year run as owners and operators of the North Baltimore landmark with screenings of vintage movies, many of which doubtlessly played the theater at one time. "It's from the Fleischer Studios. ... They really rivaled, and some think surpassed, what Disney was doing in the period. It's just classic."

The classic movie screenings doesn't end there. This Thursday "Charade is slated to run at the Senator through Thursday, with showtimes at 3 p.m., 5:15 p.m. and 7:30 p.m." Also included are Takin' Heads, Stop Making Sense, and The Grateful Dead. The tickets are $5 and worth every penny.

In addition to the screenings, the Senator will be selling memorabilia. Staff dig deep to find strange keepsakes to be sold to loyal fans of the Senator. With it's history, there's plenty of valuables to sell.

"We're doing our best to deal with the harsh reality that we must let go," he says, "with the hope that this extraordinary jewel of a theater will continue to evolve for another 70-year run under new ownership."

***that's my summary of the story***

I think the story could've been better if the reporter interviewed some of the people attending the screenings. I wanted to know how they felt about the closing of the Senator and also about the movies played.

Upcoming story idea :: slideshow project

Well, after a long deliberation (two weeks to be exact) I finally found an idea for my next multimedia project. It follows my beat with the entertain yourself mentality. I'm gonna focus my story on a gamer. I'll ask questions about it and take pictures of him actually playing the game. It's interesting to me, so I know I will like the story in the end. He doesn't necessarily go to Towson though, but i want to interview him anyway. Sure, I have to go a little out of my way. It's okay. Just as long as I get this story done.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

iPod Addiction

I was on the bus this morning with another Towson Student and we talked mostly about our iPods and the music that we listen to. That's when it hit me. I should do a story on students addictions to iPods. Plenty of students have them, plenty of them can not go without them. I think it's perfect. It follows my beat with Entertainment and things to do when you're bored, and it adds personal insight on the love people have with iPods.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Watchmen Watch

The Watchmen Watch

“Watchmen arrives in theaters Friday, riding a wave of pop anticipation as fierce in its own way as the return of Star Wars,” writes Michael Sragow of The Baltimore Sun. On the contrary some movie goers are a little hesitant about its release. Some would rather the graphic novel remain a graphic novel rather than become a movie. There has been a long history of movies being produced based off of superhero comic books. Some of which did not live up to the comic books’ standards. Does anyone remember The Incredible Hulk? The Spirit? The Punisher?

True comic book fans fear that this movie would stray away from its basics, what made it phenomena that it is.

"We don't need no steeeenking Watchmen movie!" Graphic novel artist Steven Parke cautions that this blanket disdain may sum up the cult reaction. "I'd like to hope Watchmen the movie will become the touchstone that the novel became," says Parke, who is based in Baltimore, "just because it is a cool story. Unfortunately, the crowd that might think that way is already sold on the book."

“Now, director Zack Snyder has gotten it to the screen in an adaptation that's reportedly as faithful to Moore's work as Snyder's smash adaptation of 300 was to Frank Miller's graphic novel of the same name. But after a series of superhero movies that have run the gamut from the adolescent romanticism of Spider-Man to the doomsday visions of The Dark Knight, can Watchmen hope to achieve the impact on celluloid that it did on slick paper? And will general audiences feel that when it comes to wised-up, broken-down superheroes, they've simply had enough?” Sragow writes.

Maybe the audience won’t know until they go to the movie theater on March 6th and see for themselves.

** I really liked Sragow's article. He gave some incite into the movie, the characters, and what the audience might expect when they go see it. He interviewed two comic book store owners who know a lot about the movie and the pitfalls the movie could have. The opinions in the article were a little negative. I wished that he quoted someone who was in favor of the movie, or quoted from someone who didn't really know about the movie other than what they seen in previews. Other than that I liked the article.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Upcoming Story . . .

I found a focus for my feature story. I'll be focusing on how students at Towson spend their free time on campus outside of studying. It will also be a how-to type of story for those who don't know what to do on campus. I will interview three students to see how they spend their free time to overcome boredom. It's a simple concept, but it happens all around campus. Everyone deals with it in their own ways.
I will also try to find some type of person affiliated with campus activities and interview them about what they have been doing to keep students busy on campus and if there are any upcoming events.