Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Upcoming Story...

At the moment, I'm leaving my options open for what I want to cover. I'm not sure if I want to interview a single person or cover an a Go Green effort on campus. I've looked at the schedules of all the organizations, and most of them are out of date.

So far I have a slight focus on the way I want my story to be done. I have a few questions prepared that may change when I attend the event. I would want to find out some information about the organization, just in case people want to join.

I would ask questions like . . .
  • What could your organizaton do more in Towson's effort to "Go Green"?
  • What benifits have you seen on campus?
  • So far how has your organization contributed to the effort?
  • What changes are currently being made?
  • What would be your response to someone who does not think Towson is not doing much in the effort?
  • What have your experiences been like in the that organization?
  • When did you join? Why?
  • How would you encourage someone to join?
  • Are there any events coming up? Where? When?

Thats all that I have right now. It seems that my story would be more of a profile. I'm still not sure what I want to do right now, but I'm open to suggestions.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Red and brown leaves blankets the pathway just outside of Stephens Hall. (Photo by Sabrina Lindsey / November 3, 2008)

Towson's Gold Route Shuttle breeze through campus just beyond the yellowing bush. (Photo by Sabrina Lindsey / November 3, 2008)

Towson's Tiger standing in tall grass in front of Stephens Hall. (Photo by Sabrina Lindsey / November 3, 2008)

I would say in order to take good pictures you have to see the bigger picture. I don't think it should focus on one thing. If there are several elements that fit perfectly together then they should be captured photographically. When it comes to the use of light, in any outdoor situation in the daylight, don't use the flash on your camera. It would make the object of the picture appear much darker than they really are. You can also use natural elements to frame the focus of your picture. And last but not least, try your best not to cut out major objects in your photo.
There were ways where I could've improved my photos. The center photo could've been improved by focusing in on the shuttle bus (a photo captured by chance because it was moving) a little bit more. I wanted everything surrounding the shuttle to be blurred. Secondly, I wish I had a steadier hand to take more motion shots which appear motionless. I didn't want it to all be a blur of light. Lastly, I wish I had a better camera. I know my camera is pretty nice, but it could be better (maybe I should add that to my Christmas list.)