Monday, April 13, 2009

Upcoming story idea :: slideshow project

Well, after a long deliberation (two weeks to be exact) I finally found an idea for my next multimedia project. It follows my beat with the entertain yourself mentality. I'm gonna focus my story on a gamer. I'll ask questions about it and take pictures of him actually playing the game. It's interesting to me, so I know I will like the story in the end. He doesn't necessarily go to Towson though, but i want to interview him anyway. Sure, I have to go a little out of my way. It's okay. Just as long as I get this story done.


BEW22 said...

Hi Sabrina,

I like the idea of interviewing a gamer. This story will provide a lot of action, excitement and plenty of visuals. As a fellow gamer myself, I will definitely enjoy your story and look forward to seeing your creativity at work. Goodluck!

Ambular2G said...

I like your idea. My only question about the topic would be what is the focus? You could focus on how he uses them to de-stress or how video games help him to accomplish something and make it accessible to other people.

jatwater said...

I think Amber makes a good point. Make sure you find a focus before you start shooting photos or recording audio.