Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Age Journalism . . . Blogging

After five grueling minute, I found an example of an article written in typical blog post pattern. I came across an article entitled, “States with slots hurtin’.”

Immediately, I found tell tale signs that the article was written in blog form. Aside from the fact that it was located in the blog section of the webpage, the author’s name was Random Rodricks. Just then a little light bulb lit up in my mind. I was headed in the right direction.

The article was linked to his other blog works for the Baltimore Sun at the top of the page just below his picture. What caught my attention was the headline “States with slots hurtin’.” It’s a pretty “snappy” headline, I think, according to the text. His lead summarized the proposal of slots in Maryland in a single sentence. Although the article didn’t have any pertinent quotes, it contained a lot of factual information. He has two paragraphs of his opinion of the situation. At the bottom of the page, it shows that the article was posted by Dan Rodricks. Below that were comments from his readers.

You can check it out for yourself if you need to. Here is the link to his blog.

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