Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Inverted Pyramid Method

The general idea of an article written in inverted form is that it’s presented backwards. First, the most important information is presented. Second, interesting and colorful details are added. The article ends with remaining facts that the reader might want to keep in mind.

I checked out an article on The Baltimore Sun website that is written in this form. The article is entitled GBC backs underground city Red Line plan by Michael Dresser. He starts with the most important information first. He says, “A leading business group is pushing a plan to build a light rail line between Woodlawn and East Baltimore that would include substantial tunneling to go underneath downtown and neighborhoods opposed to surface tracks.” He then added interesting details about the rejection of extra bus lines being added in that direction. He says, “It supported a 14-mile light rail plan that would run in tunnels under central Baltimore, Fells Point and Cooks Lane in West Baltimore. The proposed line would cost an estimated $1.6 billion.” He goes on to add an interview with Donald C. Fry, president of the GBC. He ended with the remaining facts by stating, “Some local transit advocates have been urging the MTA to pursue "heavy rail" similar to the existing Metro subway.”,0,3635874.story

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