Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Event This Weekend

For my first story, I am going to cover the 2nd Annual Baltimore Book Festival. Although it extends over 3 days, I will be there all Saturday attended workshops. It also serves as a personal purpose.

I've seen the commercials and was led to the Internet to look up some information. I found an official website for the event. A map and schedule of the festival is available. I based my day around Saturdays' schedule to make sure I am able to attend every separate event. The website also includes names of authors and everyone involved in the events.

My main sources will be the people attending the event, as well as available authors and readers. Because it’s an event, according to the text, I will ask general questions to provide an overview of the event. The additional details I will look for will be ways unpublished authors can find ways to get published.

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jatwater said...

How did it go in the rain? Did you figure out something on which to focus your story? We'll have to discuss your experience in class.