Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Brotherhood uses Open Mic Night for a Cause"

Assistant Art Director, Lauren Slavin, wrote a article about Brotherhood's charity inspired One Mic Night. It focuses on the reason behind the even and the importance of it. Brotherhood wanted to raise awareness about "how to stop depression in their communities." They called their event "Entertainment with a cause" sponsoring Visions of E.Y.E.
When i first read the article's headline "Brotherhood uses Open Mic Night for a cause," I thought that it would be about the event also. Slavin neglected to talk about the event. The only bit of information she included was that it took place on Friday. The article was about the reason. I wanted to know how the event went. I would've liked to see quotes from the people who attended. She could've interviewed a few members from Brotherhood and their involvement with the cause. It would be a complete story if those elements were added.


Jennie B. said...

I would also like to know when it took place! What did you like about it, if anything. Great writing and really interesting subject.

jatwater said...

A link to the original article would be very helpful.