Tuesday, February 17, 2009



It’s Thursday night, a week of hard work, tedious note taking and stressful tasks surrounding school has finally come to an end. It passed in a blur without notice. The night is growing long. You sit there with nothing to do wondering how to spend your night.

That’s an easy solution; watch that screen that idles before you, your TV. What’s on you may ask? Plenty.

Thursday’s prime-time starts of strong on NBC. Starting at 8 p.m. is a show called My Name Is Earl. It’s a show following the life of Earl, of course, and his infamous karma list. Immediately after, at 8:30 on the same channel, is Kath & Kim. It’s an adaptation of a successful Australian show about a quirky, dysfunctional mother and daughter pair played by Molly Shannon and Selma Blair. On at 9 p.m. is The Office. And rounding up the comedic prime-time time slot is 30 Rock.

If you’re a fan of forensic investigation, you may want to tune into Fox to watch Bones at 8 o’clock and CBS to watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigation at 9 o’clock also.

Once all of these shows end, what else is left? What about 10 o’clock? The News? Maybe for those who need their nightly fix on current events. For others, it may not be what they are interested in at that moment. They still want to be entertained. Well how about a these choices to get you through the rest of the night.

Spies, explosions, and guns, oh my! Now in its third season is Burn Notice on USA. It’s an action filled series about a black listed CIA agent, Michael, and his quest to find out what happened to his life and how to get it back. The action is there, you just have to turn it on to witness it.

Forty-nine channels away on MTV is Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew. Don’t let his name steer you away from this exciting program. With five crews left, the votes could go either way. It’s never too late to get involved.

Don't let your time and these good shows go to waste. There's always something on TV to watch. There's never a time you should be bored. Make use of what you have to entertain yourself.


Ambular2G said...

I like the way you put together your post in a logical manner! I geuss what I would like to see is what shows you think are the best and the ones I should watch and why.

Jennie B. said...

I am going to check those shows out for sure! But you didn't mention "The Office!" It is a really great idea for a blog, I never know what to do.

Rozalyn said...

Your article was interesting and you make a valid point aboutthe news taking over the main TV channels at