Sunday, February 8, 2009

Student Life

For a beat I will be following student life. Yes it's pretty broad, but it's fitting for me. It's also convenient. It will focus on commuting issues, dealing with stress, lack of sleep, dinning issues, TV and Entertainment, campus involvement, and money savers.

"Jobless and Bored in 09"
For my beat I will be following Events/Entertainment. It will be focused on those who are not working and need something to occupy their time. The main idea of it is to keep students busy on and off campus. It's not necessary to always be bored. There's always something going on campus. If the student doesn't live on campus, there's things he or she could do at home. The possibilities are endless. Not everyone has a busy schedule, but I can help them deal with their boredom.

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jatwater said...

You may find that you want to narrow this topic as you go along. You've got an awful lot of material that you'll have to work with.