Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mobile Journalism Kit

Looking through all of the outstanding portfolios I decided to write about Rachel Youens. Her last job listed was dated back in October 2007 as an Assistant Editor for the Community Impact Newspaper in Austin, Texas. Based on the media presented and her resume, I believe she carries around a digital camera, video recorder, and laptop. Her portfolio consists of a variety of video footage and still images. She most likely carries a cellular phone to contact sources.

After reviewing Jared Silfies’s backpack, I can clearly come to the conclusion that he is very serious about his career. The copy of the Elements of Style shows that if he has any type of grammar mix-up while creating his stories, he could go back to the book and check himself. He wants his work to be absolutely correct before publishing. It shows how prepared his is.


Don said...

To be so young, You're a pretty good writer. I like the precision.

Gillian Grandison said...

loved your style of writing..