Sunday, September 14, 2008

Understanding Summary Leads and Short Reports

To get a clear understanding of what I’m writing about, I shall explain the concepts summary lead and short report. The easiest way to identify a summary lead is by its sentence structure. The sentence is what’s known as a declarative sentence containing three parts: a subject, a verb and an object. The information is presented in such a way so that the information is a complete thought. A short report is created under three conditions: lack of time, space or information. That single sentence—sometimes accompanied by a few others—provides enough information to be considered an entire story. There are 4 types of short reports: broadcast and web bulletins, e-mail alerts, crawlers and news paper briefs. Using, I was able to point out examples that clearly explains both summary lead and short report.

An example of a summary lead exists in the article “Bride-to-be dies when tractor-trailer hits limousine.” It is the leading story under the Baltimore City news link. The lead is as follows: “About 4:30 a.m. yesterday, a tractor-trailer collided with the limousine in the 4000 block of E. Monument St., killing Sunshine Royston.” It has the three parts: a tractor-trailer (subject) collided (verb) with the limousine (object). If you click on the link it takes you to the full story.,0,6088256.story

An example of a short report can be found in a news article titled “Code Red heat alert issued for today.” It is written in the form of a newspaper brief. It is four sentences long briefly warning the public of the weather conditions, the locations affected and whom most vulnerable.,0,3140283.story

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You did a really good job on this blog! You did a good job of staying clear and concise, as well as to the point which helps you keep the readers' attention. Also, your headline is good because you let the reader know the subject of that particular blog. The only thing to fix would be to try and incorporate pictures to make more blog even more interesting.