Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Press Release vs. Original Story

I believe that the article “New health risks linked with plastic in bottles” was created from a press release. To my knowledge, a PR firm would release the statement announcing, “At a scientific hearing, the Food and Drug Administration defended its assessment that bisphenol A -- or BPA --is safe, even as the first major study of health effects in people linked it with possible risks for heart disease and diabetes.” It’s the journalist’s job to research the topic and answer any concerns that may surface. Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, the writer of the article, interviewed a few expert sources and looked at many studies conducted about the growing issue.

An example of an original story is article dealing with crime or any local occurrence. No press release is needed for this type of story, because it’s not a national story that could affect the masses. The article I picked out to support my stance is titled “Arundel man, 25, fatally shot in home.”


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jatwater said...

Actually, crime stories can often be generated by press releases. If the reporter doesn't happen to be walking by when the crime happens, he/she often doesn't find out until a press release is issued by the police dept. PIO. Either that or a source will call the reporter to let him/her know.